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compression shirts target your body, giving you support when and where you need it.

The fiber blend in is designed to pull in your chest, while having the added benefit or targeting your belly and love handles for a Slimmer looking YOU!



Features and benefits:

  • Shirt gives you a firmer appearance

  • Helps keep you cool

  • Helps prevent chaffing when running or cycling

  • Easily fits under clothes

Designed as a multipurpose compression shirt that compresses and supports your upper chest area.


Wearing COMPRX Shirts helps to firm up your upper body, giving you comfortable support where you need it. If you are physically active COMPRX Shirts give you the competitive edge by firming and supporting your body as you exercise, dramatically REDUCING unsightly and painful chest "bounce" in men. Long distance runners use COMPRX shirts to avoid chafing while running.

You will look sharp regardless if you wear these shirts under other clothes or on their own. COMPRX shirts are available in BLACK and WHITE.


Conveniently bundled in packages that suit your needs & SAVE YOU MONEY



Slimming compression shirt

Single Trial Pack

1 CompRX Under Shirt $39.95





3 PAck special deal

3 Pack
$33.32 per shirt
3 CompRX Under Shirts $99.95



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PAyment methods


Our shirts fit you comfortably so you can wear them all day long, keeping your body temperature more comfortable and you looking and feeling better.

COMPRX is specially made from a special blend of synthetic fibers that offer optimum compression and stretchiness while minimizing thickness and weight. Wearable under normal clothing you can look slimmer or reduce unsightly bulges with ease.

  • Quick drying and designed to wick away moisture, keeps you more comfortable and drier.

  • Microweave design helps your body breath and keep cooler than regular clothing.

  • Long wearing fibers help keep the shirt lasting longer.

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CompRX Shirt sizing chart
Use this chart to choose the right size shirts for your order

Compression shirt sizing chart
REMEMBER order one size smaller than your normal size, to maximize the slimming and compression effect.

Value 5 Pack
Get 5 shirts for the work week only $89.95

value 5 pack of compression shirts

5 Value Pack $23.99 per shirt
5 CompRX Undershirts $119.95


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